When I was asked if I would write a blog post about productivity, I thought “Sure! It can’t be that hard.” But the only thing that just kept coming to mind over the past few days was “I just feel soooo unproductive lately!” My list of things I needed to do at home was piling […]

Life Life’s been a mess. I’ve decided to skip two week’s of “Last Week” posts because, well, I just plain forgot to do them. And navigating through browser histories is a mess. I’m working on moving to a new apartment, as well as getting over food poisoning, as well as trying to find time to […]

Life I was supposed to teach a Girl Develop It class but it got cancelled. The National Center for Women in Information Technology (NCWIT) has a regional MO/KS chapter, and we held our annual awards for aspirations in computing ceremony. I helped with some of the planning for it. We got to give out 30 […]

Life I forgot to post this last Monday when “last week” would have been last week. Oops. Because I’m going back in history, this may not be terribly full of up-to-date stuff. I auditioned (again) for the Kansas City Women’s Chorus. And…  I got in! And in the past 7 days, I’ve been to 3 […]

Life Finally determined that my computer was just too sluggish for all the powerful things I keep trying to make it do. I forgot when I bought it, but the more I thought on it, I realized I built Neptune in 2009. And it was already maxed out on upgrades. And I need to keep […]

Life I did beta test #4 of my “secret project” on Monday. I think after I wrap up some final details, I’m about ready to start pushing it to prod! On Tuesday, I went to a “Girls Night Out” meetup event at a trivia night at a restaurant. It was a lot of fun and […]

Life I went to a New Years Eve party. It was the first time I just found a party, dressed up, and went. It went well, but the party eventually migrated to an overcrowded bar where it turned not fun fast. I ended up going home before midnight, but the first part was a great […]

I wrote this around Christmas in 2015, but never published it in blog form. I’m publishing it now for me to be able to look back on. The stats listed were correct at the end of 2015. Sarah’s Accomplishments for the Year: Gave my first conference talk (“Intro to Hacking w/Raspberry Pi”) Gave that talk […]