Life I went to a New Years Eve party. It was the first time I just found a party, dressed up, and went. It went well, but the party eventually migrated to an overcrowded bar where it turned not fun fast. I ended up going home before midnight, but the first part was a great […]

I wrote this around Christmas in 2015, but never published it in blog form. I’m publishing it now for me to be able to look back on. The stats listed were correct at the end of 2015. Sarah’s Accomplishments for the Year: Gave my first conference talk (“Intro to Hacking w/Raspberry Pi”) Gave that talk […]

This was originally posted on Medium. This was a 90-second lightning talk I gave at AndConf 2016. This is basically a transcribed form of that talk. Hi. I’m Sarah. I’m @geekygirlsarah on Twitter. Long story short, I’m trans. (Feel free to find me if you have questions or want details.) Before I transitioned, I hated […]

This is a post I originally wrote on Medium. (Content warning: loss of a pet. This was written the night before I lost mine.) In 2008, a friend I knew offered me a room at her place and also a job doing bookkeeping for the small business she ran out of her house. At the […]

One of the men held me back. One of them gave me an opportunity to shine. This is a post I originally wrote on Medium. It was 2011, and I went back to university to finish my degree. There was a new student orientation I went to that had a student organization fair. They had […]