Geez, SO much has happened since my last “Last [Week/Month]” type post in January. I definitely can’t cover it all, but I’ll try to hit the highlights. Life The biggest thing is that I moved several states away! For 31 years I lived in Kansas City (with a small break in the middle for the […]

  Decembers tend to be my worst month of the year because a particular series of events happen and a certain set of memories come back each year. However, some amazing things have also developed this month, and so it deserves to be talked about. Work Interviews There’s not much to say about work anymore, […]

Last time I said “Wow. It’s been quite the month!” I feel like I should say “Wow, it’s been quite the month (or two, or three)!” but perhaps even more so. Work I normally put my Life section first, but some of that relies on work first. Long story short, I’ve actually been job hunting […]

Wow. It’s been quite the month! Life I have been catsitting not once, not twice, but three times in the past month. It’s kind of great because I miss being around cats a lot since my cat is no longer with me. Otis (in the picture above) and Ophelia are my friend Sunshine’s cats, and […]

Life I reported last post that I was sick and lost my voice. And the sucky thing is that it’s a self-perpetuating cycle. Stuff in your throat/lungs makes you cough, which hurts your voice, which seems to further the lung/throat mess, making you cough more… etc. With a bit of medicine and tons of fluids, […]

Life I got to go on about the only trip I’m scheduled to go on this year. It was a trip to Detroit for Self.Conference, which was my favorite conference from last year. I love that it’s very tech-focused, but nearly every talk also includes a decent amount of empathy, and so did the hallway […]

“Last Week” should probably be “Last Month” at this point or “Last Couple of Months”, but I’m working on this anyway. Life One of the best things this year has probably been finding a friend that I talk daily with and hang out 2-4 times a week. Though between when I started this post and […]

Life Life’s been a mess. I’ve decided to skip two week’s of “Last Week” posts because, well, I just plain forgot to do them. And navigating through browser histories is a mess. I’m working on moving to a new apartment, as well as getting over food poisoning, as well as trying to find time to […]

Life I was supposed to teach a Girl Develop It class but it got cancelled. The National Center for Women in Information Technology (NCWIT) has a regional MO/KS chapter, and we held our annual awards for aspirations in computing ceremony. I helped with some of the planning for it. We got to give out 30 […]

Life I forgot to post this last Monday when “last week” would have been last week. Oops. Because I’m going back in history, this may not be terribly full of up-to-date stuff. I auditioned (again) for the Kansas City Women’s Chorus. And…  I got in! And in the past 7 days, I’ve been to 3 […]