Life Finally determined that my computer was just too sluggish for all the powerful things I keep trying to make it do. I forgot when I bought it, but the more I thought on it, I realized I built Neptune in 2009. And it was already maxed out on upgrades. And I need to keep […]

Life I did beta test #4 of my “secret project” on Monday. I think after I wrap up some final details, I’m about ready to start pushing it to prod! On Tuesday, I went to a “Girls Night Out” meetup event at a trivia night at a restaurant. It was a lot of fun and […]

Life I went to a New Years Eve party. It was the first time I just found a party, dressed up, and went. It went well, but the party eventually migrated to an overcrowded bar where it turned not fun fast. I ended up going home before midnight, but the first part was a great […]