School, Snow Days, and My Sanity

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This post was originally from the blog site Binary Girls that my friends Abbey, Sarah, and I started. I’m saving it here for archival reasons.

Before I started back to school to finish my degree, this little voice in my head said “Are you insane? You want to go back to homework? You want to go back to tests? You’re crazy!”

Then I started school. And it was going well. And I was glad I did it.

Then the past few days were crazy winter storms in Kansas City. Twice we’ve had storms produce 10+ inches of snow. School has been cancelled twice now. Which has been nice, since I had relaxing, calm days at home.

Then it soaks in tonight: “Oh crap… I have one test tonight at 5:30, one test tomorrow at 11:00, and one test tomorrow at 2:00. And I haven’t studied for any of them!”

And that voice comes back, asking “Are you insane?”

Yes, I am definitely insane. But I want my computer science degree, gosh darn it!

~ Sarah