Everything you’ve wanted to know about me and what’s happening right now!
Quick link: geekygirlsarah.com/now
(This list current as of Apr 10th, 2022.)


  • I am doing fine with regards to the Coronavirus pandemic. I am fully vaccinated and boosted (3 shots). To date, I’ve had no symptoms.
  • I am a consulting software engineer at 18F.
  • Currently living in Pittsburgh, PA
  • My open source project Code Thesaurus, a polyglot developer reference tool, has been out for over a year and a half! It has had over 90 contributors create over 230 pull requests!
  • I am a mentor with Girls of Steel, the area’s only all-girls robotics team. I am the lead mentor for their two FIRST Tech Challenge teams. I am also a mentor for the BuzzBand project team, which invented an arm band to help autistic children exercise. The FIRST Robitics Challenge teams are going to the world championships on April 20-23!
  • I am an organizer for the !!Con 2022 conference.
  • I am an event organizer for Code & Supply, Pittsburgh’s largest tech community.

Near Future

  • I’ll virtually be at !!Con 2022 on July 30-31, 2022.


  • I am currently applying to my favorite tech conferences to speak at. I will consider all invites to speak.
  • I am looking for more interested women in tech, junior developers, or other underrepresented people in tech to work on Code Thesaurus! Please contact me or tweet @geekygirlsarah or @codethesaurus if interested.
  • I am looking for more teaching or mentoring opportunities in Pittsburgh. Please contact me or tweet me and we can talk about it.
  • I am looking for good women in tech groups in Pittsburgh to get involved with. Please contact me or tweet me if you know of any!

Thank you to Derek Sivers for the idea of making a /now page.