Everything you’ve wanted to know about me and what’s happening right now!
Quick link: geekygirlsarah.com/now
(This list current as of Aug 16th, 2020.)


  • I am doing fine with regards to the Coronavirus. I tested negative for antibodies on July 12, 2020.
  • I am a senior software engineer at Advanced Agrilytics.
  • Currently living in Pittsburgh, PA
  • I am on the board of directors and treasurer for Prototype PGH
  • Starting work on Code Thesaurus, an open source polyglot developer reference tool

Near Future

  • I am speaking at WITcon 2020 at the end of September
  • I am speaking at the Google Developer Group Indianapolis in mid-October


  • I am not currently applying to conferences to speak at. However, I will consider all remote invites to speak.
  • I am looking for more interested women in tech, junior developers, or other underrepresented people in tech to work on an open source project I’m starting. Contact me or tweet me if interested.
  • I am looking for more teaching or mentoring opportunities in Pittsburgh. Contact me or tweet me and we can talk about it.
  • I am looking for good women in tech groups in Pittsburgh to get involved with. Contact me or tweet me if you know of any!

Thank you to Derek Sivers for the idea of making a /now page.