PDF copy is available upon request.


Knowledgeable (used in production):

Languages: PHP, JavaScript, C#/ASP.net, Java, C++, Scala, Python, SQL, Ruby
Frameworks: jQuery, Symfony, ExtJS, Android, Twilio, Ruby on Rails
Cloud/DevOps: Travis CI, AppVeyor, Heroku, AWS (S3, ECS, ECR, Aurora), Azure (Web Services, Functions), Terraform
Databases: MySQL, SQL Server, SQLite
Version Control: Git and GitHub, Subversion (SVN), Team Foundation Server
IDEs: Visual Studio, VS Code, JetBrains/IntelliJ suite, Eclipse

Learning/Experimenting With (not used in production):

Azure (IoT Hub, Service Queues), Laravel, Xamarin, MongoDB/NoSQL

Work Experience


Pittsburgh, PA, Feb 2018 – Feb 2019
Software Developer Generalist, Data Pipeline team

On the Data Pipeline team, we developed a system to replace an expensive third-party component to bring in electronic healthcare records. As a generalist on the team, I worked on a large variety of technologies and languages to help implement the core microservices in the system.

  • Inherited a Ruby on Rails project from a former team member, and learned it to make various changes including Dockerizing the app, prepping the CI build, and starting AWS configurations for it, all in about two weeks
  • Researched and learned AWS services to start incorporating them into our product’s different modules
  • Containerized monitoring services, then configured build systems to build the service automatically
  • Wrote Terraform scripts to deploy monitoring services, AWS Kinesis Firehose, and ElasticSearch
  • Analyzed the cost analysis of using different cloud services for internal monitoring services
  • Added API endpoints to product monitoring services
  • Interviewed new candidates for the team
  • Have contributed to every code base the team owns

Stowers Institute for Medical Research

Kansas City, MO, Jul 2016 – Nov 2017
Software Developer, Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) team

As a member of the LIMS team, I developed software that over 400 scientists use in their daily research.

  • Collaborated with Tissue Culture lab members to rewrite the Tissue Culture module in the newer LIMS frameworks, which with their regular input, helped make the module optimize their workflow and speed up their data point entries
  • Developed new features for the new Molecular Biology NGS module
  • Installed and configured a daily documentation generator for the backend codebase

Commerce Bank

Kansas City, MO, Jun 2015 – July 2016
Software Developer

I was a part of the Developer Acceleration Program (DAP), which introduces the new developers to the processes and security protocols at the bank by rotating them through teams before settling on a team full time.

  • Architected and developed a team data metric reporting system in the initial 3-month onboarding period using C#, ASP.net, and MVC, which continues to be used and adopted by new departments
  • Extended the Branch Connections framework in C# to utilize a third party loan document service, which saved money and time needed to keep up with latest federal and local loan laws
  • Broadened and upgraded Middleware’s event messaging framework to use Java 7 to comply with SSL and PCI card requirements
  • Created a real time fraud detection system using Hadoop, Spark, Python, Java, and R at a hackathon, which was estimated by the fraud prevention department to prevent up to $1.2 billion in fraudulent transactions


Lenexa, KS, Summers 2013, 2014
Software Engineering Intern: Healthcare Integration (2014) and Business Intelligence (2013)

  • Built a new automated testing framework for business intelligence reports using C++ and CPPUnit
  • Implemented new features for Perceptive Photo Transfer Client in C#
  • Solved bugs and developed features for Perceptive Photo Capture in JavaScript with jQuery
  • Created unit tests in JavaScript using Backbone.js and Sinod.js
  • Solved Unicode bugs and added internationalization in BI products using Java

Previous Tech Experiences

  • Taught five lab and two lecture intro to C++ university computer science classes (2012-2015)
  • Developed web sites in PHP and provided hosting service while running my own business (2009-2012)
  • Developed custom Windows scripts and websites in VBScript and Sharepoint for a tech support consulting company (2007)
  • Developed custom online stores in ASP for an e-commerce shopping cart software company (2005)


Code Thesaurus – github.com/codethesaurus/ A polyglot developer reference tool to help you compare languages you know with ones you don’t for reference or learning. An open-source application that’s in progress.

Rest of Us in Tech – restofus.tech The Rest of Us in Tech is an inclusive initiative for the tech community which highlights projects and accomplishments of underrepresented people in tech. I’m the founder and host of the podcast, currently available on iTunes, Google Play, and most other podcast apps.

Hardware Projects and Robotics – github.com/geekygirlsarah/umkc_robot_2013_arduino and umkc_robot_2014 From 2011 until 2014 I was involved in my university’s robotics competition team. I also mentored middle and high school FIRST robotics competition teams during that time, where all teams won numerous awards and one middle school team went to the world championships. I have continued to tinker with hardware projects on the side to this day, and make code and diagrams available on GitHub.

LED Dress / LED Christmas Tree – github.com/geekygirlsarah/msgeq7 and led_christmas_tree A dress covered in LEDs that are responsive to music or sound that’s playing around it. Similar code and hardware were used to build a Christmas tree that blinked in patterns based on Christmas music that was playing, and won an award at a company competition.

Speaking and Conferences

I have been speaking, teaching, and mentoring since 2011. I have spoken at dozens of events locally, nationally, and internationally. I have organized multiple conferences as well. All of my notes, videos, and slides can be found at sarahwithee.com/talks.


University of Missouri-Kansas City, Bachelor of Science in Computer Science