End of Spring Semester and My First Day of My Internship

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This post was originally from the blog site Binary Girls that my friends Abbey, Sarah, and I started. I’m saving it here for archival reasons.

I ended my spring semester with a A in Assembly Language, A- in Operating Systems, A- in Special Topics: Java, and a C+ in calculus 2 (which is probably not bad considering the class is a bit evil). I still have my great GPA, which definitely makes me happy!

Today I started my first day of my internship at Perceptive Software. While today was mostly orientations, paperwork, ID pictures, and making user accounts, I am looking forward to tomorrow, where I will meet my first team and find out what I’ll be doing this summer.

Since I won’t be swamped with school, I’m hoping to keep blogging. My goal was one per week, and I’m hoping to get back to that goal this summer.

Have any fun plans for your summer? Leave some comments below!

~ Sarah