Last Week

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Life’s been a mess. I’ve decided to skip two week’s of “Last Week” posts because, well, I just plain forgot to do them. And navigating through browser histories is a mess.

I’m working on moving to a new apartment, as well as getting over food poisoning, as well as trying to find time to actually work on the secret project (it’s been about 3 weeks untouched). So I’m pretty drained. Moving shortly isn’t going to help with the energy issue. But the ultimate pay off should be getting somewhat out of a rut, getting rid of some anxiety, and just generally feeling calmer. So we’ll see.


Started one feature ticket, almost completed before end of sprint. It carried over as there’s a small part to finish on it. I also implemented a documentation generator for our PHP/Symfony code, and that will soon run on our nightly builds along with an existing JS documentation generator.


  • Watched Smokey and the Bandit 1 and 2. I saw them referenced in one of those “Underrated Films You Should See” lists, so decided to watch.  (Honestly, I watched the third too but it was baaaaaaaad…)

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