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My friend Abbey and I at the women-only Wonder Woman screening at the Alamo Drafthouse in Kansas City. They had this backdrop with props, so we posed.
My friend Abbey and I at the women-only Wonder Woman screening at the Alamo Drafthouse in Kansas City. They had this backdrop with props, so we posed.


  • I reported last post that I was sick and lost my voice. And the sucky thing is that it’s a self-perpetuating cycle. Stuff in your throat/lungs makes you cough, which hurts your voice, which seems to further the lung/throat mess, making you cough more… etc. With a bit of medicine and tons of fluids, it’s back! Singing voice is maybe like 70% back. There’s a few notes that my voice just doesn’t want to hit right now. But soon.  SOON 👀
  • I jumped on the Instagram bandwagon, and now trying to just throw some pictures on it. (Don’t worry, it’s synced to Twitter.)
  • I guess I’m doing the online dating thing. I’ve been talking to a few guys lately (which feels impressive, I think, because I get such terrible messages constantly that I sometimes lose hope in any hope of finding someone). I met one of them recently and it was a nice conversation! Maybe there’s more good things in the future for me. (Or at least a girl can dream, right?)


  • Finished up the bulk of work on a feature within the module rewrite we’re doing. This sprint starts doing a lot more detailed work on it to try to make it have everything the science lab needs, and flows better for them.
  • Work announced a reorganization. It should be fine, just mostly merging two departments into one, and working to get a bigger office to combine us all together. But I don’t anticipate big changes, and it doesn’t seem to really affect me much. The biggest thing is one of my developer coworkers moved up to a manager position, so I’m under him now. And it’s fine, I think that’s a good move, and I’ve always appreciated managers that have been developers a bit more than those that haven’t.


  • I saw Wonder Woman at the Alamo Drafthouse’s women-only screening. And I’ll say I thought the movie was great. But…  in a theater with only women, with only women staff, with so many costumes and shirts and props, with women cheering at the great parts, laughing at the jokes at men’s expense, and just in general being amoung a huge group of people there to watch a woman be amazing…  it was a great experience. If they ever do something like that again, I’d highly recommend it! (I want to see the movie again, but am almost figuring I’ll be disappointed when it’s with a normal crowd.)
  • Hulu had an interesting documentary called Becoming Bond. And it was an interview with George Lazenby, the man who played James Bond after Sean Connery, but only did one movie. It was kind of interesting in the beginning, the story got deep and emotional in the middle, and I was truly drawn into this story that just kept getting almost more preposterous, only you could tell it was still true. He seemed like a rather fascinating man!
  • After that played, Hulu then automatically played Batman and Bill, another documentary following a man who discovered the “creator” of Batman didn’t do as much creating as the world thought. Another man, Bill Finger, created most of the concepts, did most of the drawing, and more. Never got credit for it. And it follows this man’s attempt to find a way to give the right man credit for his work. This was unexpectedly emotional (in a good way) as it really dug into a lot of family secrets and issues and such. It was really fascinating!
  • Then Hulu started playing Dumb, yet another documentary. This was about skateboarding magazines from the 80s and 90s and how they went from these tame magainzes about skateboarding to really untame magazines that would just cover anything, especially stupid stunts, ridiculous (and sometimes dangerous) articles on how to do things, and eventually led to videos and the MTV show. I was constantly in a state of disbelief throughout the whole thing. It’s gross, crude, but still bizarrely interesting. Watch with discretion, it’s VERY NSFW. (I watched at home and still felt rather awkward about it.)
  • I stopped Hulu at this point and went back to Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I’m now about halfway in season 6. Almost done!  (And OMG THAT MUSICAL EPISODE WAS AMAZING!)


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