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The only version is 1.0 which was given at Techtonica’s Launch Celebration on 1/18/2018.


Slides (PDF)


Techtonica Launch Celebration (2018, starts at 38:13):


Date Version Venue
2018-01-18 1.0 Techtonica Launch Celebration


The goal of this keynote was to tell a bit of my story, including some of my successes and hurdles, to get where I am in my career. It is ultimately a supportive and uplifting message to the underrepresented groups that were entering this cohort of the code school.


Doors are great! Wooden doors, metal doors, red doors, blue doors, green doors, big doors, small doors, double doors… they’re all over. They’re opportunities to end up in a new place. Sometimes you know what’s behind the door, and sometimes you don’t. In this keynote, I share my story of how I always wanted to be a developer since I first learned to program as a kid. But many barriers and challenges showed up along the way. It took many years, a big community, and some really encouraging people to help break through those barriers and get through those challenges. And sometimes, even when you don’t know if you can or should go through a door, you never know what wonders will be on the other side.