Intro to Hacking with the Raspberry Pi

This page will always be updated with the most recent version of this talk.

The latest version is 3.2 which was given at Code Mash on January 7, 2020.


Code, wiring diagrams (GitHub) Slides (PDF)

Miscellaneous diagrams:

Circuit diagrams are made with Fritzing (, an open-source hardware prototyping product.


Stir Trek (2019):

Code & Supply Meetup (2018):

Kansas City Developer Conference (2015 day 1, outdated, bad audio quality):

Kansas City Developer Conference (2015 day 2, outdated, bad video quality):


Date Version Venue
2015-03-20 1.0 Nebraska.Code() conference
2015-04-28 1.1 UMKC IEEE meeting
2015-06-25 2.0 Kansas City Developer Conference (KCDC)
2015-06-26 2.1 Kansas City Developer Conference (KCDC) (repeated session due to popularity)
2015-10-16 2.2 Missouri, Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas Women in Computing conference (MINK WIC)
2015-11-12 2.3 Kansas City IEEE CompSoc meeting
2017-10-16 3.0 DevUp Conference
2018-08-29 3.0 Code & Supply Pittsburgh Meetup
2019-04-26 3.1 Stir Trek
2020-01-09 3.2 Code Mash


You’ve heard lots of hype about the Raspberry Pi, the credit-card sized computer available for under $40. This talk will introduce some of the Pi’s features, explore some sample projects you can create, and show you how to write code to control hardware through its IO pins. After this talk you will be ready to make your own cool hacking projects with the Pi.