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Salacia, the new computer I built in the past week
Salacia, the new computer I built in the past week


Finally determined that my computer was just too sluggish for all the powerful things I keep trying to make it do. I forgot when I bought it, but the more I thought on it, I realized I built Neptune in 2009. And it was already maxed out on upgrades. And I need to keep pushing it with some of the stuff I’m doing on it lately, so I bought new parts. I name my computers after planets (and when I ran out, other solar system planet-like things), and liked the name of Salacia, so that became my new computer.

One of my encrypted drives got it’s partition table wiped, and some of the master file table, and just play Yakkity Sax and that’s what recovering this drive felt like. Days later, I managed to get most of the data off of it. I’m still recovering some more, but it’s inspired me to maybe write out a “proper” way to encrypt (and later recover) your data.


Reviewed lots of PRs, fixed and pushed out a bug fix, and started learning about the new project I’ve been added to.


  • Finished off the 80s and 90s of the Bond Movies. Got stuck on the 2000s because anything after the Pierce Brosnan movies aren’t on Hulu. Trying to track down the last few because… I mean… I’ve already gotten this far, I might as well finish off the series. Though the last few have been over the top fake and ridiculous. I hope they get better.
  • I started watching BBC’s Sherlock at one point and stopped, but forgotten most of what happened. I restarted it from season 1 and got through season 3 episode 1. So I’ll finish off the last two episodes this week.


  • Last Week (1/16/2017)
  • Started another post, but delays from recovering encrypted data threw off my week.


  • Tiffany Kuchta – “HTTPS Everywhere”: She talks about why she believes every site should run HTTPS now, and some steps to get it onto your server and working with WordPress (if you run it).
  • Maciej Cegłowski – “Superintelligence” (text version/video version): This was great. There’s all this hype about “AI is going to take over and kill all the humans!” and he discusses why this is NOT going to happen. And he makes some great points despite what Bill Gates, Elon Musk, and others say.

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