Last Week

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View of Kansas City at night
This was a picture I took from work one night. I thought it just looked pretty!


  • I did beta test #4 of my “secret project” on Monday. I think after I wrap up some final details, I’m about ready to start pushing it to prod!
  • On Tuesday, I went to a “Girls Night Out” meetup event at a trivia night at a restaurant. It was a lot of fun and got to chat with several cool women in town.
  • On Wednesday I had dinner with Rachel, someone I randomly meet at an event in town after she tweeted that she needed a phone battery charger and included the event hashtag, and I happened to see it and loaned it to her. Then decided last week “why don’t we actually talk?” And we were chatting up a storm before we realized we both needed to head home. I need to get together with her again, she’s fun!
  • I’ve been feeling the sluggishness of my desktop computer for a while. After some conversations with some people, I realized that I built it in 2009, and just threw more upgrades at it. But it’s maxed out… I really can’t do anything else to it. So with the help of my friend Lindsey, I bought a new computer, and built it! It’s the first computer I had to get my own heatsink for, so after the first didn’t work out, I got a second one. And the computer is up and running! I name my computers after planets, and ran out after Neptune and Pluto, so I had to move on to other “gravitationally round” objects in the solar system. So Neptune is retiring and Salacia is now the main machine. And it’s a beast, but lately have been doing a lot of number crunching, along with other background software, so this should help out immensely!


  • Up to this point in my job, I’ve been solving bugs or adding new features in random modules of our software we develop. It’s been hard to ramp up here because I feel like I’ve been all over the place when trying to learn things. This past week I was assigned onto a new project to rewrite an older module into our newer framework. I’m actually really excited because it means I can hopefully figure out this module and not have to keep feeling like I’m relearning things
  • I reviewed multiple PRs.
  • I solved 3 bugs.
  • One bug carried over into the next sprint.
  • I had Monday off for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day!


  • Finished Die Hard 4 and 5 (I started 1-3 the previous week). I feel like DH 5 should be called “Die Hard and Let’s See How Many Cars We Can Destroy While We’re At It”
  • Listened to a few episodes of Women in Tech podcast.
  • I’ve also been watching James Bond movies. They’re a good part of “oh that’s cool!” and “oh dear, not good towards women,” though as I seem to be getting later in the decades, they are definitely getting better (though still not perfect). I would love to have some of those gadgets though.



  • Nothing this week

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