Last Week

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Picture of art studio New Years Eve party
I went to a New Years Eve party meetup that was in an art studio, featuring great art, a professional photographer and backdrop, games, drinks and food, and music from those the artists lost this year.


I went to a New Years Eve party. It was the first time I just found a party, dressed up, and went. It went well, but the party eventually migrated to an overcrowded bar where it turned not fun fast. I ended up going home before midnight, but the first part was a great experience and might try to find something similar next year.


I had Monday off for the holiday and a shorter 4 day work week, which was nice.

I finished two bug tickets from start to “ready to deploy.” I also reviewed several PRs.


  • I saw Rogue One and it was good. It set up episode 4 nicely, but I did kind of leave wondering “did we need this story?”_
  • I saw Passengers and it was also good. As the friend I went with said, “It was a little too chick flick for me,” though I guess for me I liked the sci-fi element. Though the lack of real effect of the ethics of the situations of the movie sort of left me longing for more.
  • In honor of the Christmas movie I didn’t think to watch at Christmas, I located all five Die Hard movies and started watching them in a row. I finished three last week and will finish the next two this week.



On the Internet

  • Bonnie Eisenman writes about how her Fitbit, designed to encourage you to walk more, seemed to have the opposite effect on someone with chronic pain issues.
  • I’m excited that a store for long torso swimwear for women that disappeared for a bit is back!
  • I got really interested in some of OKCupid’s blogs on things they find out by looking through online data of their profiles. What to send as a first message, What flirting looked like in 2016, and more kept me reading far longer than I should have.
  • This cool lamp uses suspended magnetic balls to turn the light on and off. (Pull the balls together so they hover in the middle, and the light is on, break them apart and it turns off.)
  • “The code I’m still ashamed of” is a fascinating read about someone who wrote code and how it had some bad consequences later, and how he feels about it now.
  • “How to be a fan of problematic things” mentions that sometimes we like things that just really aren’t great, and we think we shouldn’t like, but do anyway. She mentions that it’s fine, as long as we acknowledge the problems and don’t try to glaze over it like it’s fine because it’s just (music/art/Hollywood/etc.) A good read!
  • “2017: The Rise of the Women in Tech” talks about how women are a vital component of the tech world, and how she thinks some of the awareness recently will help make “women” the next disruptive force, not any sort of new technology.